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Post by Ньюфиз » Fri Apr 22, 2011 12:17

don't know why MEbius's cool,and why there is certainly
should be hanging the second conder.

"this is the flip side of your "digital world". He, you know, subject to reprogramming.... "

Bravo! Model digital world easily included in the model
Unified Universe. And official physics - no.

"will you please explain your new physics in a compressed form"

Sorry, but you cannot please everyone. Wrote as I could.

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Post by Михаил_ » Fri Apr 22, 2011 13:50

Model the digital world in the form in which it is now, is a thing easy for the consciousness of those who grew up on the "official physics" is a virtue.
But still very far from reality is a lack.
I don't have time to interest You in abnormal experiments force - would be of interest would familiarize with these materials and links. The difference is that I use quite successfully, to the contrary, the software side of reality and able to influence the physical, and log devices (example with a dosimeter). And I see a definite problem.
Purely social. There are many "non-official" physicist, some of which are much closer to reality than Yours and describe the more interesting moments, like the teleport (just an example) is also quite good. But that is the lot of the closed development, but often also frozen. Because a certain level of control is trying to maintain a status of balance between the control systems society and physical effects.
Projects like "Darwin" and "Einstein" is just an ordinary action associated with the need for certain segments to control the society. Those who run, know how it works actually and also previously knew.
For this reason, anomalies like your work you will not find official recognition of them, do not touch until the level of publicity is small.
However, there is the society layer with a significant level of self-awareness and the ability to search for information. Assistance in the development of their helps to change the society from the inside, not the model algorithms (not through the mechanism to build illusions through the media, part of which is the "official" physics). But for this narrow and independent of social strata need more than just another theory, you need an understanding of the anomalies with which these people are, for the most part, already experienced through life again and again because their minds are actively changing the world.
I tried teasing You just because your version of the story is official(familiar to many from school and University) and alternative(one explanation) is the position, though what You describe from reality, too far away. Ie people would be clear, get your theory some development. Easier to associate without destroying the existing picture of the world.
And my interest is very simple - I want to live in a better society than the one we have now, the controls have long blocked to go to them - it is useless, so use internal algorithms of modification through direct control, i.e., help where it might be something a little better to change.
However, because of interest published by me did not cause, cease participation in this thread.<

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Post by ЗОМБИ » Fri Apr 22, 2011 15:17

padaite you :) let's a new topic will do, in which only links to descriptions of different models of the world will spread... and then look what you have found before you-to reinvent the wheel for the tenth time.

type "table of contents" on the new physics.

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Post by Ньюфиз » Fri Apr 22, 2011 16:54

"because of the interest I did not call..."

You're wasting it, I used "published" for
the amount of time. There is not enough information to do
And again, You only hint, if that's right you know.
Like, you know, but I won't. Deprive me of the opportunity to look -
the closer Your beliefs to reality, or not. With electrolysis
water, as I understand it, You are honestly wrong.

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Post by Михаил_ » Fri Apr 22, 2011 19:04

With elektrolitom I'm not mistaken. But delayed publication on this subject to their own data retrieval.
Classic electrolysis does not provide the car engine with the consumption of several tens of watts (for the cell).

my deep beliefs do not matter - you can't teach with words, only experience. I tried to provide links to experience. Here is a "Guide to action" at the same Shahparonov described a very specific experiments carried out in quite scientific terms for many years... according to my information the theme of "mebiusu" deals not only he, but where there are other practical developments in this area - there is no possibility of their publication....

Sorry, I was under the impression that my links are just not called interest.
In the world there are many anomalies and many of them documented by different researchers and experimenters many times.... I quite long and quite meticulously studied and studied different non-standard physical phenomena as they allow to obtain the effects of an entirely different kind than those that they see the authors of the experiments. Ie for me is a kind of Rolodex of possible improvised based on non-standard use of standard achievements of our civilization.
I this case "collected", was the screening of delirium and repeatedly confirmed information, especially when the same effects encountered by many.
While sometimes the method of achieving the effect is similar, but not identical. This is the real Foundation for getting your own straight, or at least speculative of experience to integrate a whole list of phenomena in their world.

And if I start to describe how I perceive the world itself, well, let's leave something clear and it is not until the end of a very narrow circle of people with similar experience of a personal level. Because we must start with the causes and ways of creation of the worlds and continue causes branching of reality into parallel universes (and reverse collapse) to continue resonances.
It is difficult to understand.

Here there is a section on the forum, about devices "Radionics", perhaps looked into... there is a translation of the books of Karl. In some aspects it is quite advertising a book, but in others it is absolutely correct and practical.
There are a number of very simple and classical examples of resonance, popularly known as the village of magic. Well, from the "put the hair in the hollow oak, the seal." ie, in translation into Russian - put of genetic material to the radiation source in the biological range, to create the conditions for long-term resonance.
There's the grief with his theory of "wave genome" tested - and works across the ocean. Well, you didn't have to test it thousands of years of known traditional knowledge is always related to the basics of training.
Here is a little familiar to me, the Above mentioned Rinat Shaymuratov, do not really believe in such things... and not really believed me when I said that the radiation of its simple physical device (rotation from the engine to the CDM, with a removable and fully electrically isolated ring) - relates to what is passed passing distance at all. Ie came here (rainbow), came in somewhere far away - where provided a response... and on the road like NOTHING is... well, there are local effects where the device is and where the recipient. It is exactly the same as the example with the hair and oak from the books of Karl Welz. In General, as a physicist who graduated from MIPT, Rinat in such not really believe, though his articles and impregnated places excessive alternative ideas, but then by my advice, all tried... and got such a strong effect on himself (remotely) that once believed. And since he tried also to change the modulation of the signal, not the usual physics way - a piece of paper taped, as I recommended, with printed on it with rubbish, then his surprise was even greater.
The world is not just interacts with consciousness, the world is inseparable from the consciousnesses of people living in it and they can change it up to change physical laws and the integrity of the world picture.
That's almost from the same area example - Sens feels man the different energy channels in and out "tails." Modern devices allow to measure (well, for example IGA-1 Kravchenko, or GDV there is clearly visible on the instrument level, and different devices - the same seen).
But localizing these "pipes" to the man - only next to it, and further to, for example, the destination (a simple example of the relationship of the child with the parents is energomaterialy character) - this is not a pipe and not a string, but a zero-teleport :) i.e. near the biological object is, beside others, also, and in the middle disappears somewhere.... what is it like?
If you go digging with the connection time and other fun things - there will be no less interesting. But just download all of this makes no sense.
I tried to give such links, which were highlighted to some General phenomena that have a more or less simple and common causes. Ie gave links to is the fact that it is easier to integrate with your theory of not lezya immediately into the jungle.
As for the consciousness of need a starting point (the experience).

The problem is that I'm not very good with the desire for each example of work of a popularizer-investigator, proving that the effect really is and it's not a glitch.

Ie, in my opinion it would be constructive to discuss what unites the above mentioned different but similar effects, then it will be clear what and how we can add to your "Digital world" to explain them. We're stuck in philosophy on the topic of whether the place described effects at all.

My colleague 1.5 day spinning rinatovich turn in the new Ford focus. Contact removable ring (which is electrically isolated from the rest) only with the weight of the engine. The car is under warranty, brand new, every day runs on one track (more than 100km) in the "cruise" at a fixed speed and dressed for one filling. After a day and a half processing engine WEIGHT was saved from 9.1 to 9.2 l / 100 km, after the additional charging fan: 8.7-8.8 l / 100 km (all measurements by the onboard computer). Rinat recommends that you put the helicopter stationary, but then there are floating parameters of the engine and the computer could not cope with the change of injection-ignition.
Before this machine was received the saving effect from a chamber ekonorma, which did in fact gologramma algorithm lying in the trunk for the gas tank. Only on turntables the effect lasts, and when retracting the room disappears and mechanisms of action different (there was more noticeable effect (the flow rate was 9.8-9.9 l / 100 km, with Economou installed in the trunk near the gas tank consumption was 9.1 to 9.2 l / 100 km). Of course it's not one-off events, I mention them because I am convinced that this is not a glitch and with this data I can work with.
However interesting the theme "turntables" (what's up with the views of classical physics can fly with plane hard drive? not worn bitici information :) ), You are spared, although the link I gave. And the temperature of the combustion gas from a simple cylinder change. Why?
Ie, in my opinion, if constructively, debate on the topic of effects (there or not) has no special meaning. There are too many, too different from devices to be glitches. In my opinion appropriate collective discussion of what is common in these different effects.
I.e. not challenging or not there, and Vice versa - collecting. That's when the common features and begin to climb.
Almost like ready-made algorithms.<

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Post by Ньюфиз » Fri Apr 22, 2011 19:35

Yes. what the heck?
Clarify that the proposed book is about the purely physical
effects, and only. It's not about effects occurring at
other levels of reality. It is beyond its scope.

"delayed publication on this subject to their own data retrieval"

Well, clear. Try to obtain electrolysis at zero
the current, as You assured me.
If you're interested, I personally checked whether current flows through
the electrolyte, if the circuit is a vacuum tube
(specifically, a triode). Flowing, you ass.

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Post by Михаил_ » Fri Apr 22, 2011 21:50

The current through the triode - is flowing. The water referred to in a different way.
Resistance good distillate committed to large quantities. Talk to extremely low. The gas outlet of electrochemistry should be connected directly, plus must depend on the current. More current - more gas. With this agree approximately?
In this case have a pulse mode. About the current through disc. remain silent - they have to be measured not by the Chinese head, it is when the pulse mode count is not correct. The oscilloscope I think I'll go. The "problem" is that the exit gas in this case does not depend on the current (I suspect that in the video, the ammeter shows the consumption of the circuit on the power of the scheme, but not sure about this, because is omitted)the same power supply holds up to a couple of dozen electrodes, current (input device) is not growing, and the gas - out of each, proportionally more...
And the allocation of this gas is bright depends on the quality and layer number (thickness) of the above catalyst (scale relatively speaking), which is not consumed even after prolonged use.
Effect would be given due to the fact that he stands in the chain of absolutely similar effects, giving a purely physical and measurable consequences. As the influence of the same "vane" for burning (for example), and not per person.

Physics can't be completely separated from man.
This is very brainwashed for a long time (centuries), so we thought it different things. First the fires, then special relativity :) and much more... washed Well.

Here is the same example with a dosimeter. A purely physical effect. But in the hands of the man he is inverted. By the way is absolutely clear why - the man the microcosm, there are different kinds of energies get out of balance in a particular manner, and then seek back to the balance. For this the readings start to return slowly to room normal.

Out of the Princeton PEAR lab as one group in MEPhI for decades, though not correctly (probably) studying just the effect of the experimenter on physical processes recorded by the electronics and not only.
Really give the world much more than you can imagine.<

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Post by Михаил_ » Fri Apr 22, 2011 22:18

Here, for example, Shakhparonov, describes that when experimeted with his Mobius, in the period of life that he worked Kuratnik, they have done a lot of noise, accidentally killing a attorney source of gamma cobalt-60(see the article "guide to action", p. 8 and later),modified and cobalt and the decay went before.
The physical effect.
Here's a look at the description of experiments Rinat - instrument of the other, only once (while they were there Famine in the pyramid spinning turntable) - were obtained in a similar effect. Possibly true sochetnie factors. But see above my photo with a dosimeter.
Here patetic:
As far as I know, this thing has similar effects, though much weaker (still, it is passive), although in General applied here for such things:
here again, faced with a physics person :) however in the opposite direction...
by the way, I understand that this conversion military. It is a pity that now did not sell...
Yes. So, another fun intersection - I Shahparonov there is microstate about the impact on wine, water, oil... according to my sources (you know who uses constantly, the ILC is affected about the same. In some specific cases allows generally apresiate flowing through the water. Salts into insoluble compounds will fall out. I drank this desalinated water. I know whereof I speak.
And again similar and quite physical (well, if you want to - chemical) effects.

You know, there was a famous man - theremin. Who made the music. the instrument is a Theremin. Here he was able to project the subject remotely by the beam, teleportation didn't work, but feel the walls - Yes. in one place put Cup, and in the other it can touch.
And it is possible that larger. Classified of course, the archive after the death of the missing... I wouldn't talk about it, but a witness and participant in a demonstration was a good friend of mine and his friend, I trust them completely, there's no reason me and others. who told the story to mystify.
By the way, Termen enough for such cases the usual lamp setup... (the tubes I mean).
In his own words - distance to ensure that any, and scaling. In General, it is CORRECT that classified. I just gave an example of the interface between physics and anomalous.
Above I specifically cited the effects measured with the physical component, and even like each other. Though in different ways received.

By the way the article about the water I read more then, thanks, good stuff, although not exhaustive. Water has other interesting properties and to describe them all, the current framework is not enough. We need to see what is happening on the other side of the curtain, well, does no good.

By the way, is the so-called table isosteres Bolotov. Probably heard... also strongly proven thing. For example PRACTICES (in the workplace) you know what burnt copper bar or thick cable after the fault is not just on the melting properties change non-refundable. It is still under "Young chemist" magazine art magazine, in the Soviet years someone bothered to bring this up - blow copper wire, a cloud of fumes to the filter, the analysis - there is a combination of copper the hell knows what, prevalere iron... a series of articles once plugged.
Fits very well in your model, but only if it is slightly extended.<

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Post by Ньюфиз » Mon Apr 25, 2011 12:16

well, I don't know how to explain it so You understand:
the proposed book covers a blunt physical
laws, stupid automatic. It does not consider cases
human influence on this automation does not consider
phenomena, parapsychology, magic. But it gives clear
understanding that such opportunities are available. For
it's a good start.

"Fits very well into your model, but only if it's a little extended."

Well, go ahead! Expand! What is stopping you?

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Post by Михаил_ » Mon Apr 25, 2011 13:19

1. I once again explain, Your book describes a SMALL part of dumb automation. Exactly small. The examples above are only part of exceptions that go beyond known physical manifestations, a small portion of such exceptions. They work WITHOUT human influence.
2. Thus, your book partially corrects the problem artificially (not unwittingly) distorted physics, but very little to clean brains - nice, for the layman, which is why I recommend everyone to read it.
3. I'm not what else to add, just because. what a busy urgent enough and important things :) it may sound crooked, but it is, in a sense more important than the additional writing other people's books, especially because the circle had to rewrite from scratch. You introduced the concept of "software" of reality is entirely artificial, although well describes these phenomena. Her deeper there are certain other processes that look like any software manifestation.
4. I pointed it to the physical effects does not depend on parapsychology, magic, mental intervention, i.e., the repeatability of which is constant, regardless of operator influence (the way the story isostere Bolotov - but also, as the article from hzh), so I pointed out the flaw of your theory, claiming to be more fixed than the classic. The disadvantage of interfering to describe a real and persistent phenomenon, which is rendered in the frame just by their denial and withdraw their attention. I pointed out this to give You the opportunity to improve the manuscript to a more perfect state. Offering help with specific, many times repeated examples, known to many for years. Ie all that I have described - not news and not one person understood. Though not part of official data, but all of the mentioned age effects, studied by tens and hundreds of researchers and so on. Ignore them the same as ignoring other data about the universe. Anomalies with the tides You are not ignored...

5. Ultimately, you need to understand that our universe is ENTIRELY dependent on the mental factor and there is no automation, which would be by itself. I understand that it is hard to accept, but it is. Thus, any theory claiming to be comprehensive descriptions, sooner or later (describing physical phenomena and nothing more), comes to encapsulating in it the influence of the consciousness, which is also PHYSICS. Magic=physics, for those who know what kind of processes are behind this. This is for those who are in the tank, it's something strange.

I have my own work, I offered to draw attention to the inconsistency of the actual physical world and your descriptions and cited examples. Do not involve any magic. Repeat the examples. You tried to ignore them. Pretty high quality with. Ie awkward moments of silence or to try to indicate that they are not. Isn't that right?
I can help with examples and can show the "fingers" and the words of their connection, even where it is not noticeable.
But to improve other people's works, I certainly won't.
So the question is only whether You want to develop what you have written, or prefer to bury your head in the sand at the sight of the unknown.
Either You are guided by another factor and You just don't want to go into forbidden and dangerous from the point of view of the taboo area. Then say so in Russian - "do not want to climb - it is dangerous", and everything will be fair and understandable.
And it looks weird. You have come to the forum, said "a", I pointed out certain points, and You say "they are not" either offer me for You to say "b". Well, it's not serious.<

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Re: the Book "This "digital" physical world&quo

Post by Михаил_ » Mon Apr 25, 2011 13:41

Here is your own message:
Ньюфиз wrote:Dear friends!
A huge number of facts, including little known due to
under the assumption that the physical world at a fundamental level is
"digital", but still based on binary logic!
Why are physical laws and why there is the possibility of entering
beyond these laws!
Cm. the book "This "digital" physical world" on
I offer facts, You avoid them either with silence or deny, although the sense in this, they are too long and widely known and long gone from the category of speculation or something unproven.
To help in understanding how to correlate with one another - I can. But it needs your desire to deny it, and observe to learn and be willing to expand your understanding.
The proposed facts do not belong to the category "magic", and are manifested as physical symptoms - including work. So write them that they go beyond the format - it is strange.
Although, as I said, trying to show the true state of things, You will sooner or later come to understanding that one is not separable from the other.
Well, Yes, it will have to change their attitude to the world.
But otherwise your theory. the base will be obsolete even before they are born to complete the form

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Post by Михаил_ » Mon Apr 25, 2011 14:02

By the way, given somewhere above example with the tree genetic material from the book Welz - too purely PHYSICAL example. And has a direct relationship to the description in your book of laser effects advanced at the time of the manifestation the estimated speed of propagation of the beam (стр90, "Experience Basov") because the particular private effect is only a special case of effects associated with the formation of what we perceive as SPACE. And example of a gene. material and source (wood) can be replaced with other components and tested hardware and not man. Ie it is also a purely physical experiment, just on a person it is easier to produce than hardware-based.

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Post by Ньюфиз » Tue Apr 26, 2011 9:31

"teleportation didn't work, but feel the walls - Yes"
"it is also a purely physical experiment, just on a person it is easier to produce than hardware-based."

Well, Yes. Make like easier, because otherwise it is impossible.
To sum up a little. I had something to share, I suggested it.
And You speak: "it is all well and good, but this is not enough, and
to work this out." And then went to attempts of manipulation, one
another beautiful - from the money supply to the accusations in the absence of my
interest in the facts, and that I have the facts "around a silence either
And therefore: they solve their ideological problems. I have
better things to do.

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Post by Михаил_ » Tue Apr 26, 2011 16:33

1. I have no ideological problems.
2. Facts and words to manipulate You, I brought a whole bunch of experiments do not depend on people, You ignored everything.
3. The money supply was and is an attempt to help, and then did something and the question of where to buy the answer "so far"... it remains in force, unless of course the theory will be developed. Absolutely no secret that publishing books is now very expensive and most of the authors of such a plan is not able to be published independently. Someone helps them, and usually not pursuing any personal goals. Really hard to understand that I personally need nothing from You? I have, and so it is :) That You have yet. No money for the publication of the book, no opportunities to advance(unknown manuscript just covered once the dust, You are not the first and not the last, even many of the points outlined are similar with other authors), no answers to the questions on anomalous facts, but You prefer to stay in this usual state - it's up.

4. I don't need your explanations, just now You made a mix, and trying to show You that You can only see part of the picture, to shy as well as from You, your opponents, who firmly believes in the infallibility of the foundations of the "official" physics.

No manipulation there, just do You avoid the facts by silence or deny :) This is especially funny considering the fact that You got a very decent (one might say overwhelming) mass communicating, uses almost as in homemade and industrial designs, the fact that You bypass silence :)
Here's a funny picture.
What conclusions can we draw ? One conclusion - You are categorically NOT interested in developing established theory in the light of those facts. So, for the record :) The reasons may be different, but the fact - on the face.

The world is changing. Rather it "breathes" with their cycles, completely characteristic of him, but for humanity, what is happening looks like a change. Soon will be more technological problems and different manifestations of chaos, as seen recently on various disasters, natural and human and social - all in abundance. Against this background, demand will there be information that will explain the error not some narrow special physicists of the past and present (Yes, everyone will not before), and the processes in nature - their correct understanding.
It's a question of survival, if you want. Not my or your, I cope well, about You I know little, but the survival of civilization in the form close to the current. Because without understanding what is happening, and it is very closely connected with the universe and his understanding of civilization bury itself.
Think about it. I do not think that these processes are not so noticeable.
Want clarification on the ongoing processes in the above experiments (without denying them) - I give it to you, but the conversation should be constructive, and not at the level of cheating on psi-effects (some magic) or verification through experiments. Ie in order to discuss it constructively, you need to be able to hear others and their arguments.
However soon all this will not be so urgent - time is running out rather quickly, time is changing....
for me the topic is closed, I think thoughtful readers to our discussion in any case will benefit.

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Post by Практик » Tue Apr 26, 2011 21:53

I think thoughtful readers to our discussion in any case will benefit
Yeah the extra time to make sure you are frail nlpers might(at least just to compare the volume of posts:))
There is a classic of the genre:
-Retell(in the monologue), the whole debate,
-to point out the mistakes of the opponent
-Suggest a possible solution.
and thereby be in any case the king :roll:
Downloaded the book, I hope to master :)

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Post by Владмосква » Thu Apr 28, 2011 20:13

you are frail nlpers might
side topic similar to the conversation the sighted and the blind (Nuvis, the Practitioner is not hitting, but the most accessible abstraction).
Or more gently: ancient Greece, Nupis wrote a book that lightning sword is not from Olympus, and Everest (closer to the truth because closer to the clouds, but not the truth). Then came Michael and he began to tell that the lightning coming from the clouds, and manually and automatically.

We know about the world, and even very little. Moreover, part of our current knowledge in 1000 years it will be as funny as funny today knowledge about the flat Earth and lightning from Olympus.

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Post by Михаил_ » Thu Apr 28, 2011 23:30

By the way, why not assume that at that time lightning metal from Olympus? This does not contradict anything.... here is the unwavering presence of some fundamental physical laws operating independently of man is really nonsense... At that time the world might be somewhat different, although we are hard to perceive.

but that's not the problem, do not attribute my posts and what they were not, I was just trying to give a boost to your own analysis and integration of facts.

Here is one personally familiar to me a long time ago went to Bolotov, and witnessed the demonstrations of the cold metal smelting(sold not only to them, the cold melting from Hutchinson where it was posted on YouTube), with stirring of the melt with a finger it seems... or low-temperature-destructible (well, for example, plastic spoon, I do not remember details). Recently Bolotov published another revised and greatly expanded version of his physics (previously this book was in a network called "table isosteres Bolotov"... personally I think there is a correct approximation on some points is not bad - people on the basis of their beliefs makes their life solely working technology, standing far beyond officially available to us. And so many witnesses, including personally familiar to me and therefore not related to me by questionable sources. What am I?
Yes, that Rinat is also a theory, much different. Work conclusions theoretical prediction of the mechanical fan (as you correctly stated on another thread of this forum - it is very similar to the generator Schulze, Antibosskey development, I consulted with a specialist in the development, he confirmed that there was such a device the Germans, but due to the presence of abnormal masses of different technologies, he did not attach much value is just one in a large range of devices). Another theory, also working, also prakticheskie results proven by third party researchers, repeated descriptions of the site.
Also abnormal results, quite similar to classic data (see the description of the experiment in the Tashkent University)
Well Shahparonov. By the grace of the former supervisor (or whoever he was) many years ago took mausami, and a lifetime working in the technical boxes, including srednekamsky, which was and remains the same kuratnik, he is dragged under personal olujobi, however, leaving the experiments on very high quality scientific level, if at all possible, when the surface gets more anomalies.
Further you can go.
Here's an example of Andrey Sklyarov, the author of a heap of documentaries, in addition to the historical showing that the planet clearly has traces of the existence of super-civilizations, with available technology, they filmed and such funny films as "Anisotropic world", telling about the whole direction in modern science with its experimental confirmation, obtained at the normal academic level, international conventions and so-forth.
And what unites all these people ?(and you can still go on to give examples)
They "dig" in the framework of its world view, its "extended" from classical theory. Anomalies received some not very well described in the framework of the theory of others. What unites them is that they are not looking for the common denominator, and the existence of "neighbours" with practical and theoretical results gives them no joy, and allergies. They are not all the same - years of work experiences... their "alternativeness", going beyond the dogmas of the official science is hard-won, it is theirs. To abandon the progress that is unthinkable, but to take into account the "neighbor", means to partially jeopardize your results. The risk would be that this is only more confusing ... other than "classic".

So, a lot of researchers and theorists cooked in their own juice.
Actually, I exaggerate. I know that many looking for expansion of their data about the world. But the analysis through the prism of his theory costs them hard and sometimes filters out a lot of useful.
I have much more than 10 years talking with many different representatives of alternative science and practice.In the field of physics, medicine, and something else was happening and the names don't always think clearly can :)
Know that there are often wishful thinking. Used to be incredulous, and filter. Although when you have a complete picture, it is usually immediately visible causes of effects and approximate the truth about them. So wrote above - in all its diversity a lot in common.

However, if people (or someone specific) actively worked on the integration of all into a single whole, perhaps was born of something more integral and complex whole.

Unfortunately, modern science generally there are some unsolvable problems. But to talk about them even alternative researchers - taboo :)
beyond the concept of perception. I absolutely do not want to offend anyone. I appreciate the website "New physics", and certainly not for one year send debaters to read "Trifles", which I know the links with forums of alternatives for a long time. I communicate with some of the above mentioned scientists. And some who can't call for a number of reasons. Some I traveled met... true it is a bit "abandoned" case, had long ceased to be interested to the extent that 10 years ago it spent time, now no more than a few posts on the forum is the limit of my interest...

The trouble with all these people that they could get other results, having information as a starting point, additional data. Ie having broader views of the world, generalized, integrated picture. The world would benefit from this.

For a long time all the excess in physics was deliberately salmonellas. Specifically, and not unwittingly. There's a lot of evidence, but I am writing about this so confidently for their own reasons.
To assess whether bad or good - I cannot and do not undertake, oddly enough, maybe it was good I don't know.
After all, technological progress is not always a plus, sometimes it's scary...

Now the strange period. A lot of information leaked. Network have formed a new society. Information not close and not only because I do not have time, seems to have given up for a number of reasons. I'm not sure that it always will be, in General it is as a transitional stage. On the other hand clearly shows a certain progress and preparation of public opinion to the fact that a number of alternative technologies will be implemented, or will be lightly veiled under a "nano" and high-tech. For example, write that the new supercar, the German production, with a strong 350 engine is 3.5 liters per hundred. It from what suddenly? :) but the official news :) there are hundreds of examples, this first turned up.

Our time leaves people much less likely to learn to think on their own about some of the physical aspects of the world. Just because early level of technology was simpler, in different circles in high school instilled a basic understanding of the simplest things. And now it's all very high-tech.... on mugs assembled from ready ready and little understanding of what's inside. However, there are pros - freedom, albeit conditional, dissemination and exchange of information.

Integration of efforts of different researchers would give the younger generations a broader view of the world and soon it would give a purely positive social fruit(and no other would not but....). I am far from thinking that it will affect the technology level of this plan is well-managed. You can only rely on influence within the perception of the world. But it is sometimes more important.

In this sense, I have to admit that was shitty compelling reason forcing the author of a branch (or group of authors? behind the specified texts) to refrain from consideration of examples, too strong (which is likely), or world picture does not allow to consider such information as credible, what not to give evidence, though public demonstrations arranged. In any of the three options is not the fault of the author of the thread, but me fail. But in any case cost.

However, the world - stuff is helpful. Perhaps someone else will be the integrator of different ideas and works. Life will show.

PS by the Way I have reliable information, confirmed by different independent sources that the platform Grebennikova really existed and flew, and now there is. Although known photos really fabricated, and there are certain reasons. So... for a snack. The world is much more diverse than ready to have our consciousness raised on its static picture ( all the polls).<

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Post by Хаст » Fri Jun 24, 2011 15:35

Great book, sometimes of course difficult for me, but very interesting. If in such the strict science as physics as fraud shudder to think what's going on with the story or for example medicine.

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Post by Михаил_ » Fri Jun 24, 2011 16:05

Knowledge of the realities of physics gives a very serious levers of the reality, it's good when relationships in society are based on mutual interest. If there fraud and deception, then someone there is not always beneficial. Then in the next branch, about structured water, there are links to the Izhevsk manufacturers website Emerald - there's a good article on another important topic in physics - resonance.
This is directly linked with the effects of that in his book (see the thread about Radionics) writes Karl Welz, i.e. effects that really is all, because the nature of space and time, too, to a certain resonance when, as the changes which we see changes in the "terrain" - i.e., perceived reality is relative to space and time.

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Re: the Book "This "digital" physical world"!

Post by Анатолий Т. » Mon Nov 04, 2013 20:23

Хаст wrote:If such a strict science like physics as fraud scary thought what's going on with the history or for example medicine...
And why is it so scary? Except among relations "godfather, friend, brother" and just a good friend to end the relationship doctor-patient can penetrate falsification. There can only be self-deception (error) the physician or the same mistake of self-medication. But according to some on chemistry there is a pattern of 50/50 %. Where the first part of the action of chemistry, and the second part of the faith of the patient.

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Re: the Book "This "digital" physical world"!

Post by ВикторРусс » Fri Dec 06, 2013 20:45

Great book :) Spent a year looking for the answer to the question why in the summer the sun fries as in Egypt , and warm in winter as in autumn, and the clouds full of moisture but not dripping, as in section 3 page 103 all written, why become so barren and why was so dusty..

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Re: the Book "This "digital" physical world"!

Post by Тимур ТСВ » Sun Jun 22, 2014 13:58

I met the author of the website around 2008, when I needed confirmation of my personal research. I found the confirmation, but I found not only confirmation, I found the person with whom we have to do the same job, but approach it in different ways in different directions.
Periodically I visit his website and follow his updates.

I strongly recommend to read his work to all the people who seek to know the truth and not be afraid to lose the sweet illusion.
In his books "Notes about the universe "Baiterek" I cite extensive quotations from his works.

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