Richard Bach. The Seagull named Jonathan Livingston

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Richard Bach. The Seagull named Jonathan Livingston

Post by Смелый » Thu Oct 14, 2010 4:03

Description one of the Students who saw the dematerialization of the body Ramalinga at the time of his disappearance.

Students Ramaley was often a favorite pastime of peeking out the window of the hut ramalinga what he's doing,sometimes they didn't find it in the room,but saw that he went there.
That night when Ramalinga disappeared one of his students went to the window when Ramalinga went to the cabin and this is what she saw there,her description:
Ramalinga entered the hut Matakupan.His face was calm and peaceful.His body radiated the Light of Grace.He entered his room and closed the door from the inside.
Outside the room felt the divine presence.There was Silence,came an unusual flavor and a hut shone with light.
Ramalinga sat on the white cloth in her room,which lay on a low wooden Board and immersed in concentration.After he got up,the moonlight illuminated the whole area and there is a new star of enormous magnitude which shone.
He was blessed,vohimena condition after he sat down again on the white cloth and immersed in deep contemplation.When he was immersed in such a concentration,there was a blinding radiance from his heart and a high fever began to slowly up from the heart burn his body,like the movement of a snail.
When the upper part of his body was burned,the only form of white bright light,the same eyes,the same shape but now they consisted of pure forms of light,like the reflection on the water.And even burned his hair was markedly distinct in the details.Then the light of grace has sent down to burn the bottom.
After all the body was be.Ramalinga became a form of pure white substance from head to toe radiating this light.I didn't see any smoke,did not feel a high temperature or smell of burnt bones.But I heard only the sweet fragrant aroma which spread all over the place.After I saw how high the temperature again began to burn white form Ramalinga and again spread from top to bottom.Ramalinga completely dissolved in the light of becoming shapeless,and I could only notice how these particles spread throughout all the particles,entering the house,the trees,the moon,and in contact with me also.
So Ramalinga has entered the body of creation.

Isn't this meant Richard Bach, in his book "the Seagull named Jonathan Livingston Seagull" which was written after the meditations according to the method of Silva.<

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Post by Михаил_ » Wed May 11, 2011 23:51

Often, people interpret something in light of their own understanding of the world based on your experience. I'd say better than this (interpretation) do not do. It is because it is often not appropriate due to the fact that there is no suitable experience. And any interpretation will bring only big deviation from what they have or had.

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Post by Петрос » Thu May 12, 2011 1:36

I noticed that interpretation often we try to keep the state as it would prolong the stay in it without being in it

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Re: Richard Bach. The Seagull named Jonathan Livingston

Post by АндрейКо » Fri Sep 04, 2015 17:55

Audio - this version is most like (though the bitrate is not very...)

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