Brief FAQ on method APK

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Brief FAQ on method APK

Post by Dimas » Fri Sep 17, 2010 15:28


1. What is auditory psycho-correction (AIC program)?
Unconscious auditory psychocorrection - the newest method based on information (computer) technologies. It is an audio CD with recordings, which are built special effects.
Auditory psycho-correction program (APC program) affects the state of the higher nervous activity of man, and through her entire body. Our brain (the psyche, the nervous system) is the heart of the regulation of the whole organism. Eliminating psychological problems, APK-the program changes and normalizes all the vital functions of human – like internal processes (metabolism, hormones, physical state) and external behavior, preferences, habits.

2. What does "the unconscious"?
The correctional impact is in agriculture program in the inaudible (unconscious) form. Ie we only hear the background audio (e.g., music) and the music is integrated correctional information on the principle of "25th frame". Due to the inaccessibility of consciousness, this information acts directly on the deep areas of the psyche, in the unconscious realm.
In the unconscious sphere “deposited” and stored all the negative experience (fears, resentment, frustration, dissatisfaction). This experience burdens of life and leads to various disorders. To correct disorders and restore normal state it is necessary to normalize the psyche and, above all, the unconscious realm.

3. This treatment?
It is a psychological correction. This is a remedial program aimed at the normalization of psychological (mental) status, and, respectively, and overall health.
Treatment is the elimination of external manifestations of disease symptoms. Psychological correction corrects the internal (deep) reasons, the ones that led to the development of the disease.

4. This zombie (encoding)?
It's not a zombie (not coding) – APK-program normalizes the psyche and nervous system, the body begins to function harmoniously.

5. How effective? What are the guarantees?
Method auditory therapy was tested repeatedly, including in a number of Moscow clinics on different categories of patients, and showed a very high efficiency.
The method developed at the Moscow Medical Academy. I. M. Sechenov, Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov together with the Institute of Medico-Biological Information Technology.
The method is tested, patented and approved for use by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
The scientific team that developed the AIC program ensures that it is embedded in all positive experience of the previous testing, which ensures maximum effect.

6. The advantages of the method
• Auditory psycho-correction is a reliable and highly effective method, because the influence is unconscious sphere of the psyche – the center of the whole regulation of human life (health, behavior, relationships with others),
• For holding sessions correction You don't need to spend additional time and to go somewhere. Correction sessions can be performed at home at any time and at any activity – even during working hours and during sleep.
• For holding sessions of psychotherapy requires only a playing device (a music center or player),
• Method auditory therapy is environmentally friendly, ergonomic, non-drug method, therefore, has no contraindications and complications.
• The method is absolutely safe. They can't hurt, since the purpose of the method is not implemented in the mind of any alien information, and bring order to the information that accumulated in the psyche during the years of life,
• The use of audio therapy helps to reduce the intake or completely stop taking medication
• APK-program remains with You forever. It does not spoil and does not end as pills. You can optionally choose to repeat courses indefinitely correction to maintain and consolidate the effect.
• You can transfer APK-program to others in need (family, friends, acquaintances).

7. Is it possible to harm?
During the application of the method there was not a single case of deterioration of our patients. The method is that it eliminates the possibility of side effects and complications.
The method has been used for many years, tested in basic clinics of the Moscow Medical Academy im. I. M. Sechenov and other medical institutions and approved by Ministry of health of the Russian Federation.

8. What is psycho-correction (which I should do)?
You buy audio-psycho-correction program (APC program). The program is accompanied by a description of the method and detailed instructions. You will need every day to listen to this program in accordance with the attached instructions and complete all the recommendations.<

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Post by Dimas » Fri Dec 03, 2010 12:28

At the request of Mr. Alexander Kuchinova post his email response to some questions:

"in summary statements, read in the forum, I want to make one comment – it will be the answer at once many questions.
There is one universal way to not get sick, do not get sick and not be depressed. It is the presence of goals and the implementation of conduct aimed at its achievement. A man with a goal is always "alive". Unlike animals, being deprived of a vital goal, and we suffer mentally and physically.
At the same time, I stress once more that if a person has a goal, it is necessary to ACHIEVE – not to wait for help, support, and wait "when it will come" - just to achieve, to act, to move. Does not work, still to act differently, in a different way. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO STAND. DON'T EXPECT MIRACLES. For you anybody will not do anything. The result, he will not fall down. The confidence and feeling of self-sufficiency just so you will not have. They (the feeling of confidence, etc.) are necessarily only a results of their own experience, supported by their own achievements.
In APK programs too, there is no miracle, but only an appeal to the learned in the process of life (and unconscious) experience, even if not of their achievements (what we saw in the other, the characters, etc.). Not even as such in real life, we are the bearers of the standards of steady state. They are stored in our unconscious in the form of their corresponding semantic equivalents (and very highly emotionally and energetically charged due to the high degree of their subjective importance). APK-program "include" (actualize) these semantic equivalents of their output on the level of behavioral need (the awareness to do so). But if the action is not happening (we doubt not in a hurry, waiting for it to come "bright future"), there will be no reinforcements, would not produce a new pattern, a new image-I (perception of oneself not as weak and as capable of....etc., etc.) – the effect of APC software (and any psychological, psychotherapeutic interventions) will come to naught, you will be convinced that nothing works, and added another negative experience about the hopelessness and private insolvency.
What conclusions follow from this: "the program is not working", "the effect was, but short-lived", "something's going on, but vague", etc.
Everything in life can be changed by yourself, even without resorting to any APK-programs and any other "helps" - it is enough to say to yourself: "I'll do it myself." And I assure you, the result will be much more effective and longer lasting. And not have to spend money for any APK programs. Here I am anti-advertising our product, but it is true. And if you do not have enough forces, you need an extra push, you purchased APK-program – still not expect miracles – we must act to reinforce the effect, enjoy the result and to act again. Any achieved result should be reflected in your external (active) life. Don't need to passively wait for the corrective effect would correspond to subjective 100 percent. The process of waiting has a pathological component – lack of initiative – and this is the way to samorazvala.
And again. All problems and issues (psychological) that we have – THEY are NOT. They are not in real life. They are a product of our imagination. In the real (physical) life does not exist. If it is to understand yourself and not live "inside" and outside, many of the "negatives" will fall off by themselves.
I apologize for the verbosity and inconsistency phrases and vocabulary the format of the forum.
Kuchinov Alexander.

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Post by Олег27 » Fri Dec 03, 2010 23:02

Fully subscribe to the above az . Big thanks to Alexander Ivanovich for the letter-reply and Dmitry for his display :ay

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Post by Саныч » Sat Jan 15, 2011 22:52

I agree with all the above,but still there is the question of whether to go to an outsider raskazali background while playing tunes.Maybe this and listening to the course has not received the slightest of sensations,since the disc is defective.
I mean APK the Mood,obtaining at the end of December.
If you compare with Sviyash,there the sound quality is remarkable and the impact felt already in 3-4 session.

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Re: Quick FAQ by the method APK

Post by Димас » Mon Jan 16, 2012 12:23

The disc suggestion. The sound of these suggestions is distorted below his consciousness is not perceived. On some audio units that sound is not perceived on what is perceived. As a rule the agrarian and industrial complex of marriage of the native is not at all. Have Sviyash is a completely different technology, with which you are working. Actually APK is one of the most powerful technologies that I had to meet. And the disks Sviyash on the contrary, children's sandbox, but this is purely my personal opinion, no it does not impose and I could be wrong :)

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Re: Quick FAQ by the method APK

Post by Прохожий » Thu Jun 28, 2012 17:56

Good time of day.I fully agree with Dimas APK really works,and gives the effect like you want,you work on yourself will effect and if not then the effect is minimal but clean.But in General I program Relaxation has helped to solve a very serious problem!

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Re: Quick FAQ by the method APK

Post by Алексей Давыдов » Thu Feb 08, 2018 23:52

Dear forum members!
I am a fellow of the Institute of Medico-Biological Information Technology (IMBIT), developer of the APK and set SANATA. I will try periodically (perhaps once a week) to answer your questions.
Write  :)

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