Stimulation of theta waves: advantages and disadvantages (article)

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Stimulation of theta waves: advantages and disadvantages (article)

Post by Владимир Никонов » Sun Mar 27, 2011 2:20

[html]<div id="goforum">Source: <a href=" ... es.html</a>
Translation: Vladimir Nikonov <br>
<p>Theta brain waves are what we experience when almost asleep or when you just woke up. Technically, the theta brainwaves are patterns of electrical brain activity in the range of 4 - 8 Hz. In this mental rhythm, people usually feel a state of deep relaxation, usually leading to the REM stage of sleep or to dreams.</p>
<p> Theta waves are important because they are the boundary between the conscious and the subconscious, and learning to control the theta state we are accessing and the possibility of influence on the powerful part of the subconscious which is inaccessible to us in normal waking state.</p>
<p> When we are in the theta state, we gain increased ability to deep healing, learning and growth.It is usually assumed that theta brain waves characteristic of people with high creative data, with the ability to reach deep levels of relaxation, meditation, hypnosis. However, theta waves are often observed in people suffering from attention deficit (A. D. D. / ADHD), mental disorders, the so-called dreamers, people "not of this world."</p>
<p> <font size="5">the Use of brain stimulation theta brainwaves </font><br>
<p><strong>1. Reducing stress and anxiety</strong> <br>
Not all people with a lot of theta waves experience a state of relaxation, but the frequency of theta waves is associated with a reduction of feelings of anxiety, stress levels and nervousness. The increase in the total number of theta waves will help you to reduce the speed of thinking and to improve their mental health.<br>
<p><strong>2. Healing body and mind</strong> <br>
Theta waves are known to affect the body recovery, accelerated growth, rapid healing of mind and body. Due to the deep levels of relaxation, which is achieved with the help of the theta waves, body and mind can easily be restored after mental or physical exertion.<br>
<p><strong>3. Strengthening the immune system</strong> <br>
Increasing the level of theta waves leads to the strengthening of the immune system, because theta waves lead the body to heal itself and get rid of stress. Stress and anxiety harm the body, because it releases harmful hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. Theta waves help to produce a pleasant chemical components and neurotransmitters, which help to restore the immune system.<br>
<p><strong>4. Deep levels of relaxation</strong> <br>
When a person is in the waking state, it is very difficult to achieve a predominance of theta brain waves. But even in this case, people experienced in meditation, as well as children, are able to achieve deep States of relaxation. Remember these feelings from childhood? In fact, theta waves are a carefree state of mind, giving you the feeling of comfortable communication with others.<br>
<p><strong>5. Emotional connection</strong> <br>
Theta waves are associated with a sense of the deepest emotion. Interestingly, as a powerful synchronization of theta waves leads to increasing intensity of emotions. Sometimes our emotional sphere is hidden or blocked so that we are not able to experience the natural emotions. Stimulate theta brain waves by relaxation or sync we can get back to, and even strengthen your emotions and feelings.<br>
<p><strong>6. Strengthening intuition</strong> <br>
When we learn to synchronize the theta brain waves, we will dramatically strengthen intuition, the ability to "see" and "hear" beyond our physical senses, as well as to expand our limited perception of reality. If we are going to train your brain by synchronizing and meditation, we can awaken latent abilities and get unlimited opportunities in the field of sensations. When we increase the number of theta waves, we strengthen intuition, as well as the ability to recognize the feelings that we call "animal instinct."<br>
<p><strong>7. Subliminal communication</strong> <br>
Theta waves allow us to communicate with the depths of our subconscious. The subconscious mind - the source of creativity and inspiration, there is inherent long-term memory is stored all our experience, including emotional, inherent creativity, deep spiritual connections.<br>
<p><strong>8. High level of creativity</strong> <br>
The predominance of theta waves are often found highly creative people. Many talented artists, inventors and thinkers have an extremely high level of brain waves. theta brain waves significantly increase the level of creativity.<br / >
<p><strong>9. Increased ability of problem solving</strong> <br>
Have you ever experienced "writer's block"? The problems associated with the nuisance and stress, are characterized by an increased amount of beta waves, inability to solve problems, "mental block". Increasing the amount of alpha or theta waves, you will surely achieve the status of the flight, which will resolve any problems without falling into a stupor.<br>
<p><strong>10. Establishing spiritual ties</strong> <br>
Some people believe theta wave bridge between the physical and astral body. This mental state creates a feeling of peace, bliss and happiness. People reach a very powerful spiritual ties due to the influence of theta waves.<br>
<p><strong>11. The subconscious programming</strong> <br>
Stimulation of theta brain wave gives you access directly into the subconscious. This way you can bypass the conscious mind, which often performs the role of "filter", not allowing you to change patterns of behavior, negative thinking. On the contrary, the subconscious mind blindly accepts any statement without question, and immediately begins to act that way. So, to eliminate unwanted type of thinking or behavior and replace it with the desired, positive impact on your personal development by stimulating the theta waves, which is a great Foundation for tech assistance to itself, such as subliminal suggestion and self hypnosis.<br>
<p><strong>12. Paranormal experience</strong> <br>
People in the theta state is especially open to paranormal experience, it is, for example OOBE (the experience of leaving the body), remote vision, ESP, etc. No matter how contested the reality of such phenomena, there are cases of occurrences of people in such States with the predominance of theta brain waves. It is assumed that the release mediums brain waves theta range for establishing contact with the higher powers, spirits and the divine.<br>
<p><strong>13. The increased learning ability</strong> <br>
Although the range of alpha brain waves (8 – 12 Hz) contributes the most “super abilities to learn”, theta waves are also associated with the art of learning. When your consciousness enters the range of the theta frequency, you get the ability to absorb 300% more information than in the beta state. The theta state allows you to learn much more educational information than the beta state, and some activities even more than the alpha state.<br>
<p><strong>14. Strengthening long-term memory</strong><br>
When we are working on training theta waves, our brain also learns faster to restore and preserve long term memories. For the hippocampus, the part of the brain involved in the process of preservation and recovery of memories, a distinctive rhythm in the theta wave. Often therapists in the treatment of injured patients use the range of theta waves to recover repressed memories, and thus changes the relationship of man to his traumatic event. </p>
<p><font size="5">Issues associated with the stimulation of theta brain wave </font><br>
<p><strong>1. Attention span</strong><br>
Not everyone can benefit from training theta brain waves. The predominance of the activity of theta brain waves is often caused by disorders of concentration. In many cases theta waves cause mental fog, sleepiness during the day, and illogical thinking. If you are already suffering a deficit of attention, stimulation of theta brain waves is not a good idea for you.<br>
<p><strong>2. Depression</strong><br>
Patients suffering from clinical depression, the diagnosis result showed the dominant activity of theta waves. Usually people with slow brain-wave activity prone to depression. Stimulation of beta waves in people suffering from depression, will bring them much more useful. If you sink into depression as a result of excessive stimulation of alpha and theta waves, I would advise to discontinue the stimulation and replace it with the stimulation of beta waves.</p>
<p><strong>3. Drowsiness</strong><br>
The theta state is associated with deep sleep and dreams and dominates the people who feel sleepy or very tired. Thus, drowsiness and somnolence occur in people who, being in the waking state, are trained enough to activate theta brain waves. When you increase theta activity, you will definitely fall asleep and Wake up fresh and rested. In the theta state it is very difficult to keep a clear mind at work or in any activity unless you are specifically trained through meditation. </p>
<p><strong>4. Apathy</strong><br>
Excitement is associated with beta waves. In the theta state are not uncommon - the feeling of boredom and apathy. If you feel indifference towards life, it's time to increase the activity of beta waves and to abandon theta.</p>
<p><strong>5. Hyperactivity</strong><br>
Hyperactive people tend to gravitate to high theta activity that demonstrates a complete lack of self-control. This is usually the symptoms characteristic of attention deficit (ADD/ADHD). Since the brain operates at such slow waves, the Central nervous system uses much less energy overall. All the energy you get from food eaten, should be somehow used. Such excessive energy is expressed in hyperactive behavior.</p>
<p><strong>6. High suggestibility</strong><br>
In the theta state your brain is extremely receptive to suggestion and new information. Heightened suggestibility is not always useful because it can force your subconscious to internalize negative attitudes. Therefore, this type of people, the stimulation of theta waves is not recommended.<br>
<font size="5">
<p>Healthy ways to induce theta brain waves<br>
<p><strong>Sincronizare brain waves</strong><br>
Sincronizate brain waves – a good alternative for training the consciousness to achieve the predominance of theta waves. If you want to configure a state of consciousness easily and naturally, try to exercise the theta brain waves. In fact, the synchronization of brain waves is easy, which is the hearing of sound, representing the theta waves, your brain adjusts to the sounds to adapt to the frequency corresponding to the acoustic tone.</p>
<p><strong>Listening to music</strong><br>
Almost any music perceived by the right hemisphere of the brain and it stimulates the theta waves at different levels. You may wonder why music causes our emotions or even intense emotional reaction from the depths of our being? Music allows emotions to come out, as when listening to music our brain naturally increases the activity of teat waves.</p>
<p><strong>Adequate sleep</strong><br>
Quality sleep is very important for the health of consciousness. Although at the time of awakening theta waves are not active, they are already influenced by the fact that you woke up fresh and rested. The appearance of a dream depends on the increase in theta activity, whereas deep sleep is associated with more Delta activity.</p>
The main purpose of meditation is to reduce the activity of brain waves to the alpha/theta level. Meditation is the healthiest way to increase theta activity, so it is helpful to make meditation your daily habit. If you are already meditating, great, so you're already mentally flexible enough, having a range of alpha waves to extract all the possible benefits of theta activity.</p>
<p><strong>Hypnosis / self hypnosis</strong><br>
The goal of any program of hypnosis or self hypnosis is to set the range of slow brain waves (i.e. alpha and theta) to enable the introduction into the subconscious of the necessary installations. Regular&nbsp; the practice of self-hypnosis or a hypnotherapist will help you to reduce stress by activation of alpha and theta waves.</p>
<p><strong>Creative visualization</strong><br>
Every time you close your eyes and practice creative visualization, the amount of natural theta brainwave increases. Although controlled to achieve a clear consciousness in a state of predominantly theta activity is possible with practice. Creative visualization will give the theta brain waves are good, soft, healthy boost, if you do it with your eyes closed in a relaxed state.</p>
Like meditation, yoga leads to relaxation and well-being by establishing activity over the calm waves of alpha and theta. There are many different types of yoga, and if you properly train, these classes allow you to experience a much larger sense of awareness and insight, while your mind is in the theta state.</p>
<p><font size="5">
Unhealthy ways to induce theta brain waves </font><br>
<p><strong>interrupted sleep</strong><br>
If you are depriving yourself of a healthy night sleep, you experience increased levels of cortisol (the hormone that causes stress and aging) and are flooding your brain with random combinations of waves: mostly theta, some Delta and in some cases high-beta.</p>
Valium is a sedative drug that is commonly prescribed for the treatment of anxiety, panic and stress. Valium enhances the activity of brain waves on low frequency, mainly theta. Theta brainwave frequencies make people feel terribly tired and relaxed. If you are already taking valium, you know what a powerful surge of theta waves.</p>
Alcohol initially increases the total amount of alpha waves, and also affects the range of theta. In severe cases of alcohol abuse and alcoholism theta waves constantly dominate the brain and make the person's speech is inconsistent, inhibit, memory, etc</p>
<p><strong>Hallucinogenic drugs (Magic mushrooms / LSD)</strong><br>
Eat Magic mushrooms (hallucinogenic mushrooms), LSD and other hallucinogens – not the wisest decision. They kill brain cells and can cause extremely negative reactions, expressed in unhealthy emotions and, perhaps, transient psychosis.<br>
</p><p><font size="5">Conclusion about stimulation of theta brain wave </font></p>
<p>the Theta brainwave stimulation to help you increase creativity, intuition, spiritual connection with your inner self and loved ones. On the other hand, if you incorrigible dreamer, you are the workout is not recommended, as it will make you more distracted.</p>

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Post by АлексТ » Sun May 15, 2011 9:56

Good day, ladies and gentlemen!
For those interested leave the link to an excerpt from the Osho book "Beyond enlightenment" with regard to meditation and stimulate the alpha and theta waves. ... MTNk&hl=ru

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Post by Энди » Sun May 15, 2011 11:10

I read the article Osho - I do not understand why he powernote talks about serious things. For example his assertion that the form can not lead to the content. My IMHO, that such religious rituals and atributika created for that guru, what would people not educated through these forms gradually to take on a higher spiritual level. Personally, I stimulate the alpha and theta waves initially did not receive anything more than rest and deep sleep. But over time started to come and the insights and changed perception of the world and increase the speed of thinking. Another statement that technical means can not speed up the thought process, reaction and so on - how many computer simulators in different directions created which work significantly more powerful than the book. For example, I learned the blind method of typing on a computer keyboard for much less time than the book and there are plenty of examples.

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