Mentaliadana.System: the new system from EZOTERICK ABOUT.

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Mentaliadana.System: the new system from EZOTERICK ABOUT.

Post by БородаНелли » Sat Jan 19, 2019 19:51

In General that team EZOTERICK ABOUT. was going to release a new techno-magical "mental system" became known in November 2018. And here's the release... a Product called "Mentaliadana.System" and is a binary file with well organized information combined in a special sense and logic (for more details see the concept on the website). The developers clearly used the theory of Petrov to create this happy. OS - although they did not use this name. Unlike the "aupicon" (Aiypctec Radionic OS) this system is well documented (all relatively). Has enough structure painted and free for anyone to use.

I will quote some points from the site:

It's Packed with the package (archive) is strictly ordered information presented in a digital (binary) form, which can be used by itself or as a data library in a variety of digital technologies mental. This package is a set of digital arrays, formulas, visualizations, logic scripts are strictly ordered in special formats and linked semantically. All this allows the data packet as with a computer program create on the mental plane of consciousness of the user of the special thought form, which is a tool for programming a matrix of reality, its analysis and management.

By itself, the package represents, in General, a product in which is incorporated a definite clear idea. This is similar to how the Director lays the idea in the film, the artist in the picture, the programmer in the program. Only in our case, the idea embedded in the specific data set of the digital type. It is more versatile and convenient expression of the idea. Therefore, part of this digital package – creative product...

Imagine a ball of matter, consisting of numerous tiny particles, which move according to the natural laws of random motion. These particles can come together, congeal, thereby forming all the objects, the restriction that the number of these particles is limited! Thus, from a given set of particles, the user can create any mental object (thought forms), while not expending extra energy on the grouping of matter. To put it bluntly: this package allows you to create like a virtual mental environment, more flexible and supple to create thought-forms than the natural environment. But also inherent in this product is an algorithm that allows to provide interaction between user-created mental shape and the real matrix of the Universe, thus realizing this mental program. Relatively speaking, the offered product is: first-materializing thoughts; secondly, self-organized constructor, able to create objects (at the level of the mental field) according to a user request.

(With PF. site Mentaliadana.System © 2019 EZOTERICK ABOUT.)

Manual work is applied to the file in the archive is on the website.

Practical experience (today personal):

"Entry point" into the system is a real point in space of thin air. That is, I wrote the bin file to a USB flash drive and stick it in your PC. After mentally gave the installation "to activate the connection to the system" and then in the space of any point (the heavy black dot), it is not funny in the same position, as it floated around me. I asked "connect to this point" (stretched like a thread before) and I was immediately sucked into a small spherical space. While completely unplugging from the outside the mental field. That is a stupid "mental sandbox"! Then there is a cloud which responds to your thoughts turning into structure. All.

Now the obvious shortcomings:

1. Not a very pleasant entrance into the system.
2. The limitation of thought forms in 64 KB!! I think you can only create something relatively simple. The idea of man is capacious enough thing...
3. Not worked (not available) special exit from the system. It seems like is not required, but... the Brain is better to switch gradually.

The whole system is like, but I can't say anything about her performance except as a mental sandbox for experimentation. I think a limit of 64 KB for a thought - will not allow its use in real practical purposes, but restrictions on the construction you are no - thing is to practice mental practice!

Where to download? Right from the sitebut I would recommend alternative link to fayloobmennik. The fact that my site was download only from the third attempt. File sharing seems to be a decent, on viruses checked - but still do not forget about anti-virus software).

More additional information: the system can be used as a library for the development of mental software, but I don't understand it and therefore anyone interested will understand))

Well, different from those of the strange "aupicon", "esotericity" reply to e-mails. Answered me in the day...<

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