The crystal package. 8 resonances for 1 month.

The crystal package. 8 resonances for 1 month.

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1. Aidanthe power of beauty and harmony (women and men).

Energy, Aidan is a bright, wise, the balanced, refined energy. The flow of energy (for visualization) is a bright field light lilac color. Feel the energy Aidan sparkling, joyful, bright, rousing, soft, warm. It is the energy of perfect geometry and highest, natural harmony. Allows you to see the beauty and harmony of the world, constrained with the rhythms of nature (recommend for city dwellers), it promotes thin feeling and more sensitivity. Contributes to the vision and feeling of harmony in itself, shows the relationship of internal and external. Helps to dissolve parasitic energy, everything that is not harmonious.

2. Energy baththe source of energy for power and extra cleansing.

Quick and effective cleaning from strong negative, powerful energy attacks, strong snaps, suction cups, etc. it is Recommended to connect not more than 1 time a week. Energy flow is a dense, heavy and hot Golden Orb in the solar plexus, almost instantly expanding to the size of the camera 3 – 4 m, where the effect of heat under pressure. The rapidly expanding flow kicks all current podlucky, suction Cup, sources holes, etc. Causes a temporary immobilization and a feeling of warmth or heat in the body. This is an extreme, but quick and efficient cleaning with power effect of baths, saunas, steam drums for thin bodies. Their strength the flow of energy literally scrapes with the subtle bodies of all that were the cause of the blocks, holes, or other negativity in the subtle bodies. The procedure is fast and need to improves vibration and start up the “sleeping” EN. centers. Is an emergency measure, it is not recommended to connect more than 1 time a week.

3. Golden Raycleansing, deep study.

The energy of the Golden Ray requires a certain experience with EN. flows, namely the ability to follow and not to resist the energies. The flow of energy is bright, tough, powerful and hot. For visuals – can have various shades of gold, from light white to deep reddish, depending on the state of EN. the structure of the operator and of the work produced. Energy is developing and has several stages of work. At the first stage Golden ray opens the dark passage, and comes the feeling of cold, it goes deep in subconscious information layer, clarify the deep motivations of the existing problems.

Hard time when the operator may have to face her negative traits, fears, karmic and ancestral issues, doubts and insecurities, etc. In the second phase, darkness begins to dissipate and at the end of the tunnel opened, the operator can see the bright Shine of the gold a warm beam. This period is the cleansing, which can manifest as humility, acceptance of self and others, comprehension of lessons, repentance, tears, etc., with which there is a feeling of bright, direct, uncompromising Force. In the third stage, the energy flow expands, envelops, gets hot, plotnee and becomes like thick Golden honey. During this period, the operator feels purified, light, strong (physically and spiritually), protected, invulnerable. The duration of each individual period.

4. John- new axial energy for transformation.

Brand new and actual energy source of energy appeared just a few years ago... Most important feature of the new axial energy (refers to the Central vertical axis) is the prevalence of mental component, which came to the fore as a result of a General increase in the frequency. If, before the transition aspects of axial energies lined up according to their influence as: energy level, physical, mental, the new axis of energy is the mental energy, the physical (there was a cyclic shift). Energy is extremely urgent, can say, necessary in modern conditions. Required course only for those who want through mental control of his personal reality and to influence the processes of the surrounding world. JNA energy necessary for the transformation processes in the subtle bodies and transfer of consciousness to a new level.

John acts where the body and mind are ready for transformational processes associated with quantum jump. The main channel energy John Central vertical axis (the projection on the physical body - the spine). Energy makes up our Central axis is strong and resilient, helps to sustain transformational loading and supporting the nervous tension. When receiving energy Jña possible (especially at first) is discomfort that is associated with the construction and restructuring of relationships between the major EN. centers on the axis, which is reflected in the physical body. In practice, energy is used for the development of personal energies, cleansing the integral of the field from virtual programs, the formation of an individual reality, creating a support of consciousness, the ability to set ourselves the right goals, issues, tasks, etc., allocation of a temporary resource, as the right balance between work and free time and reducing burning of energy in your free time etc.

5. The Creatorthe source of energy for purification and expansion of personal creative channel.

The energy of the Creator - Easy, active, Yang energy. Energy ideal not only for representatives of creative professions (artists, writers, actors, singers, designers etc.), but also to anyone who wants to find creative approaches in any business and outside the box to look at the situation. Energy gives inspiration, a passion, a creative approach to any business and situation, helps with the feeling of being trapped, lack of exit routine. Animates and gives meaning to any endeavor.

6. Blue bird– the energy of good luck and prosperity.

Energy flow Blue Bird powerful, joyful, flowing, dense, filling, for visualization is a wide vertical stream of thick Golden color, consisting of many flowing streams, overlooking the 1.5 - 2 m beyond the operator's body. Energy flow Blue Bird gives a sense of satisfaction with life here and now, happy mood, increases the feeling of prosperity, helps develop feelings of gratitude to the Universe, to balance receiving impact energy from the outside world. Contributes to the opening of the creative channel and profitable investment of their energy. Quality energy promote prosperity in all fields: addresses the challenges in material development, attracts success and prosperity, improves mood, builds relationships, and can also be used in the field of spiritual development for cultivation of a state of gratitude, openness and sensitivity to the flow of the Universe.

7. Unconditional Love- manifestation of the energy of Love on different levels and in different spheres.

Multi-dimensional energy of Unconditional love opens up another level of love to yourself and the world. The energy of Unconditional love helps us to understand the unconditional Love as an internal state, not dependent on external factors. Establishes relationship with the world with feelings of emptiness, injustice, resentment, despair, anger, including long-standing negative emotions from the past. Helps to achieve harmony within themselves and with the outside world, increases awareness, in the space-time energy can be here and now. Opens up new ways in different areas – relationships, work, Finance, spiritual growth. In General we can say that the energy of Unconditional love nourishes and warms the Soul, helps it be implemented through the body in the physical world, helps us to understand its destiny, to find and collect themselves here-and-now.

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