«Crystal» set. 8 resonances for 1 month

«Crystal» set. 8 resonances for 1 month

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How to connect resonances?

To manage resonances - register in the Personal account

Resonances - tune to an energy sources.

“In every millimeter of space there is as much energy as you need,” N. Tesla said.

Everything is energy. We swim in the ocean of energy, but we always lack it - for something or a certain quality.

Let's see why?

A person is subject to various energy processes, which may have a different frequency (rhythm). Interacting with any aspect of the outside world, a person interacts with one or another energy and tries to give it a definition - qi, ki, orgone, prana ...

Our energy body - our energy-informational structure - is initially adapted to resonance (connection) with various energies. Depending on its parameters, there is a certain bandwidth, the band of the current frequency of our energy. The higher it is, the greater the person’s ability to resonate (tune) with energies of different frequencies.

Since ancient times, people have made attempts to find keys - codes - for setting up and connecting to various energies. The fact is that the three-dimensional space familiar to us is not the only one in which a person can exist.

The ancients began to focus on the energies of higher frequencies and not just determined them, but learned to resonate with them by tuning to the energy channels through special symbols, later called sacred or sacred.

These channels were not just single, but combined, that is, representing a kind of space where a person could get special properties (in excess of ability), inaccessible in resonance with habitual energies. Such people were considered to have conquered the "Force", they became rulers, they began to be called Mages ...

We can say that ancient people tuned in to some vibrational models of higher-frequency energies and gave them designations, they began to call them Gods or Powers - Zeus, Anubis ... And any vibrational model has its own source - form / structure / symbol / code, when activated, the setting to the source of a particular energy and it becomes possible to interact with it, connecting to the energy channel.

The problem of a person who wants to receive, fill and use energy is that from birth, according to the conditions of space and just a way of life (food, place of residence, social circle) he has a limited band of the effective frequency of energy or a certain limited set of access codes to a limited range of sources energy.

This leads to the fact that in any attempt to fill with energy, we increase the amount of “old” energy, increase the quantitative energy parameter, which is limited. This leads to the so-called “stagnation” of energy, that is, when the amount of energy seems to be large, but does not circulate, and, as a result, does not lead to the desired qualitative changes - in practice, work, interactions, self-realization, possibilities of consciousness and other aspects of life.

The problem of a person who wants to receive, fill and use energy is that from birth, according to the conditions of space and just a way of life (food, place of residence, social circle) he has a limited band of the effective frequency of energy or a certain limited set of access codes to a limited range of sources energy.

This leads to the fact that in any attempt to fill with energy, we increase the amount of “old” energy, increase the quantitative energy parameter, which is limited. This leads to the so-called “stagnation” of energy, that is, when the amount of energy seems to be large, but does not circulate, and, as a result, does not lead to the desired qualitative changes - in practice, work, interactions, self-realization, possibilities of consciousness and other aspects of life.

The resonances that are brought to your attention are activated information keys (codes) that allow you to increase your resonant frequency and tune into certain channels - sources of Energy.

Resonances act on the principle of increasing the throughput of human energy channels. For humans, this means the ability to perceive, resonate (interact), and most importantly, operate / use (process information) various energies and energy blocks.

It is important that the activated energy-information keys act systemically, that is, they do not cause disharmony with existing energy sources.

An increase in the energy flow occurs due to the opening, tuning, balancing and increasing the internal connectivity of existing, but not active channels in the structure of the “energy body”.

We can say that there is a repair and the creation of a “new wiring” in the structure of energy channels through which new and more powerful flows of fine energy begin to pass.

Also, resonances contribute to the complexity of the internal structure, resulting in a number of important internal and external changes.

Firstly, by connecting to new sources of energy, there is a more dense and active binding of existing internal energies, which leads to integrity, a deeper understanding of oneself, one's essence and purpose.

Secondly, resonances make it possible to increase energy exchange with the environment, there is a wider communication with the Universe and the discovery of new aspects of familiar actions, things, interactions and processes.

Thirdly, the enrichment of the energy system with new high-frequency energy sources leads to a significant increase in energy levels and an increase in the power of our entire energy system as a whole, thereby increasing the possibility of raising the level of consciousness.

The idea and some aspects of resonance technology, like many products, were born from the Geoenergotourism project, as a result of the experience of visiting various places of power, many of which (Machu Picchu, for example) are technical facilities (for tuning, focusing, amplification, concentration, sifting energy transformations or all this together).

In fact, a person is also a “device” with the same functions: any interaction of a person with something at a level to pay attention to something or think about something is an interaction with a certain energy and an attempt to operate it. It can be roughly said that the human brain functions as a power station that receives and transfers energy, moreover, what is generated depends on what is transmitted - and vice versa. That is why it is important for a person to have sources of settings.

Primitively, all magic rituals are built on the sources of settings (for example, if you need to attract / tune in for money, then in the ritual we use a bill, etc.). Energy management was a priestly or sacred knowledge (although then all knowledge, for example astronomical, was the privilege of this caste).

Priests could expand the bandwidth of the bandwidth to parameters allowing them to transfer their existence to other frequencies, that is, to consciously end the earthly living and continue to live in the “subtle” worlds (or the astral plane, or other frequencies, to whom it is closer).

Resonances are codes that work through a “vibration signature” of a person, consisting of many vibrations that a person radiates outward at different levels. The vibration signature contains a space where the human consciousness can move. Therefore, resonances, as sources activated by means of a vibration signature, can affect reality in the most direct way.

Everyone knows the well-known principle - “like attracts like”. As soon as a vibration of a certain frequency begins to be emitted into the world, vibrations of energy similar in frequency are attracted, attracted to human reality. A person leaves his “vibration signature” once through a special interface in the Personal Account.

Several primary primary signs / effects of resonance coupling were noted:

- the appearance of information on a specific topic (because energy channels - meridians - are not only energy channels, but also information ones),

- new knowledge (not just information, but insights that give a new understanding of reality),

- exit from various egregors,

- a feeling of "radiance", "glow",

- a feeling of movement, vibration inside, vibration of the whole body from the legs to the crown,

- change of goals,

- replacement of the negative (negative attitude or negative emotion) with positive,

- cleaning (at all levels, up to physics),

- Often there is a general feeling of changes taking place inside and outside, but without understanding what exactly has changed.

In general, purely bodily sensations are usually enough to understand what “works!” Of course, everything related to the interaction and perception of energy flows is purely individual and the sensations in all can be different.

In fact, resonances do not add anything “new”; rather, they awaken in a person what was already so, but in a person there is Everything.

You can draw an analogy: if the current bandwidth of a person is a bunch of keys, and before some doors were closed, then resonances are energy keys that allow you to open certain doors. Of course, one must imagine what the door opens and the main thing for what, because the energy must “work”, that is, be used for something. We made the description of resonances as practical and simple as possible so that without going deeper into the structural features of the energy flows, the user would understand why this or that energy is being applied in practice.

To manage resonances - register in the Personal account

Description of the resonances "Crystal":

1. Aidan - a source of energy of beauty and harmony (for women and men).

Aidan energy is light, wise, balanced and refined energy. The flow of energy (for visuals) is a bright sphere of light lilac color. Feels the energy of Aidan sparkling, joyful, bright, inspiring, soft, warm. This is the energy of perfect geometry and higher, natural harmony. It allows you to see the beauty and harmony of the world, co-tunes with natural rhythms (recommended for urban residents), contributes to a delicate feeling and an overall increase in sensitivity. It contributes to the vision and feeling of harmony in oneself, shows the relationship of internal and external. It helps to dissolve parasitic energies and everything that is not harmonious.

2. Energy bath - a source of energy for powerful and emergency cleansing.

Quick and effective cleansing from strong negativity, powerful energy attacks, strong attachments, suction cups, etc. It is recommended to connect no more than 1 time per week. The energy flow is a dense, heavy and hot golden ball in the region of the solar plexus, almost instantly expanding to the size of a chamber 3-4 m, where the effect of heat under pressure is created. A rapidly expanding stream knocks out all current connections, suction cups, hole sources, and more. Causes temporary immobilization and sensation of warmth or heat in the body. This is an extreme, but quick and effective cleaning, which has the energy effect of a bath, sauna, steam barrel for thin bodies. By its power, the flow of energy literally scrapes from the subtle bodies everything that caused the appearance of blocks, holes or other negativity in the subtle bodies. The procedure quickly increases vibrations and launches “sleeping” energy centers. It is an emergency measure, it is not recommended to connect more than 1 time per week.

3. The Golden Ray - purification, deep elaboration.

Energy The Golden Ray requires some experience working with energy flows, namely the ability to follow and not resist the energies. The flow of energy is bright, hard, powerful and hot. For visuals, it can have various shades of golden color: from light whitish to thick reddish, depending on the state of the energy structure of the operator and the work performed. Energy develops and has several stages of work. At the first stage, the golden ray opens a dark passage and sensations of cold come, there is an immersion in the subconscious information layer, clarification of the deep motives of existing problems.

A tough period when the operator may encounter his negative traits, fears, karmic and generic problems, doubts and insecurities, etc. At the second stage, the darkness begins to dissipate and at the end of the tunnel that opens, the operator sees the bright luster of a golden warm ray. During this period, cleansing takes place, which can manifest as humility, acceptance of oneself and others, awareness of lessons, repentance, tears, with which there is a feeling of bright, direct, uncompromising Force. At the third stage, the energy flow expands, envelops, becomes hot, becomes denser and looks like thick golden honey. During this period, the operator feels purified, bright, strong (physically and spiritually), protected, invulnerable. The duration of each period is individual.

4. Jna - is the new axial energy for transformations.

Brand new and relevant energy. The energy source appeared only a few years ago ... The main important feature of the new axial energy (meaning the vertical central axis) is the predominance of the mental component, which came to the fore due to the general increase in frequency. If, before the transition, the aspects of axial energies were structured according to their influence as follows: the energy level is physical - mental, then in the new axial energy it is mental - energetic - physical (a cyclic shift occurred). Energy is extremely relevant, it can be said necessary in modern conditions. Necessary of course only to those who want to use their mentality to control their individual reality and influence the processes of the world around them. Jna energy is necessary for transformation processes in subtle bodies and the transition of consciousness to a new level.

Jna acts where the body and consciousness are ready for the transformation processes associated with the quantum transition. The main channel for Jna energy is the central vertical axis (projection onto the physical body - the spine). Energy makes our central axis strong and resilient, helps to withstand the transformation load and the accompanying nervous tension. When Jn energy is received, discomfort is possible (especially at first), which is associated with the restructuring of the bonds between large energy centers on the axis, which is reflected in the physical body. In practice, energy is used to develop personal energies, cleanse the integral field of virtual programs, create an individual reality, create a support of consciousness, the ability to set the right goals, questions, tasks, allocation of time resources, as the right balance between working and free time and reduce burning energy in your free time.

5. The Creator is a source of energies for the purification and expansion of a personal creative channel.

Energy Creator - easy, active, JAN energy. Energy is suitable not only for representatives of creative professions (artists, writers, actors, singers, designers ...), but also for everyone who wants to find creative approaches in any business and look at situations outside the box. Energy gives inspiration, creative excitement, a creative approach to any business and situation, helps with a sense of impasse, lack of exit, everyday life. It inspires and fills with meaning any undertakings.

6. Bluebird - the energy of good luck and prosperity.

The flow of energy Blue Bird is powerful, joyful, flowing, dense, filling, for visuals it is a wide vertical stream of a dense golden color, consisting of many streaming flows, extending 1.5 - 2 m beyond the boundaries of the physical body of the operator. The flow of energy Blue Bird gives a feeling of satisfaction with life here-and-now, a joyful mood, builds up a sense of prosperity, helps to develop a sense of gratitude to the Universe, to maintain a balance of receiving - giving energy from the outside world. Promotes the opening of a creative channel and a profitable investment of its energy. The qualities of energy contribute to prosperity in all areas: eliminates difficulties that impede material development, attracts success and prosperity, improves mood, builds relationships, and can also be used in the field of spiritual development to cultivate a state of gratitude, openness, and sensitivity to the movement of the flows of the Universe.

7. Unconditional Love - is a manifestation of the energy of Love at different levels and in various fields.

The multifaceted energy of Unconditional love opens a different level of love, as a relationship to oneself and to the world. The energy of Unconditional love helps to understand Love as an internal unconditional state, independent of external factors. Establishes relationships with the world with feelings of emptiness, injustice, resentment, despair, anger, including long-standing negative emotions from the past. It helps to achieve harmony within oneself and with the surrounding world, increases awareness, in the temporary space, energy allows you to be here and now. It opens up new paths in various fields - relationships, creativity, financial sphere, spiritual growth. In general, it can be said that the energy of Unconditional love nourishes and warms the Soul, helps it to be realized through the body in the physical world, helps to understand its purpose, to find and assemble itself here-and-now.

8. Resonance Noub - the energy of financial stability and conservation.

Energy Noub stabilizes personal financial flows, strengthens the connection between a person and the social sphere of abundance, and contributes to the continuity of the flow of monetary energy. Energy works well during a period of negative changes in the financial sector, for example, with a loss of work or a decrease in regular financial income. The Noub energy stabilizes the financial situation, perfectly removes stressful conditions and normalizes the psycho-emotional background, promotes positive thinking and the transformation of a negative attitude to the current situation, and the released energy is sent to search for new opportunities and tune into abundance. Energy Noub can be used for planning, to start a new business, when signing contracts, important documentation ....

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