Extensions 2.0 Ah with a 2.0 AT base

Many of the users of our products are more or less occupied with ideas, questions, and techniques of self-realization, personal growth, various esoteric, energy practices, and the like. It is often heard comments that when working with similar techniques a person can slightly (or sometimes not slightly) “drop out” of society.

This is due to a number of problems. One of which we, in our descriptions, and a number of "book" authors (see, for example, Burislav Servest, Zeland) are associated with certain distortions in the current state of society, the departure from which is closer to the real world, quite clearly and positively affects the individual. In the case of the work of our products of the BZ line, the restoration of alignment with the real world does not interfere with interaction with society, i.e. the problem does not arise, although the connection with the real world, usually observed by a person while in nature, arises from the use of the BZ and it slightly “takes” a person out of his state “only inside society”.

The wearer BZ becomes more individual, more easily defends and expresses his own creative opinion than lends itself to someone else’s, sometimes transmitted to him in the form of pressure.

However, the above problem of the violation of social ties exists, and the reason is this: the existing form of society has its own age-related diseases, which are associated with an attempt to filter a person from the real world and completely subordinate it to social programs, in other words, to a significant degree deprive of individuality (personality) and its creative core).

Any, including successful, attempts to improve health in relation to the body and in relation to consciousness, worldview and behavior violate the "inclusion" of a person in social chains, replacing it with a more correct and necessary inclusion in the biosphere, in the surrounding world. Those. the perception of the world as a whole, but not of society as a sole world, is included.

This applies to a variety of “exercise” techniques, different schools and practices, and simply sometimes is the result of self-awareness of a person and the certain harm that pressure social programs caused her.

However, in spite of all of the above, we do not consider the stronger and stronger turn-off of a person from society to be the right and possible direction of movement. On the contrary, it seems that in the very principle of social mechanisms there is a lot of things without which humanity certainly cannot live and develop positively, unless of course we (and we do not) talk about a planet inhabited by self-isolated individuals .... In other words, in society, its mechanisms and connections, it is possible and necessary to perceive that positive that can develop and help both you and others, and not create behavioral and personal deformations and hindrances.

In society, there are a number of positive examples of interaction, we can say that society itself, as an example of team, group work, is a positive principle, only the wrong work of which leads to certain “excesses”.

By developing in ourselves and those around us the correct social interactions (as an example, mutual assistance), we can (and in a certain sense should) help both ourselves and society, i.e. all of our civilization, go in a more creative direction.

But how to harmonize social interactions? How to select the right ones from them? how to help others not fall for more “predatory”, but also negative social algorithms that are easier to hook on a person? It was the solution of these problems, but not only these, that we pursued when creating a series of the conditionally called “Ah extensions”. Where "A" is a conventionally applied classic term (or historical term) -artifact, and x- is replaced by the letter of a specific device, indicating which social chains this device interacts with.

Social interactions are implemented on the basis of the principle that society is an information environment with numerous reciprocal relationships. Activation of certain algorithms (already present in it) is possible, it is a kind of resonance with them, available for activation. Necessary (positive) social algorithms are also activated.

However, working with society is not the only plus or bonus of devices of the Ah series, each of them has its own plus, its additional functional extension, which gives certain opportunities on the other side of the coin - i.e. not within society, but in interaction with the real world. Understanding the possibilities laid down in this series and working with these devices can gradually significantly increase the positive phenomena around those who use the Ah series.
You can understand this in more detail by reading the reviews on the forum for those products of the series that are already on sale.

Now let's look at a brief description of all the components of the Ax series and move on to a detailed discussion of the features of each device.

All devices of this series are extensions of Life Bracelet 2.0-2.x and interact due to the work of "cellular" information technology implemented in BZ 2.0-2.x as a KO.