Mirror «Universum». Manage thin emanation

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    This multifunction device to control (concentration or dispersion) the most well-known "thin" radiation.

Mirror systems, as devices, are multifunctional and almost universal. The geometry of the system, coating materials and the info system determine the specificity and purpose of the mirror system. In particular, even such objects as Mount Kailash, pyramid complexes, Minusinsk depression and others are functional devices using mirror systems.

Mirrors are in every person’s house. And we are so used to their everyday use that we don’t even think about their capabilities and their real purpose. There are many signs, superstitions, beliefs associated with mirrors, and most of them have physical justification.

As a result of the experiments, it was revealed that the physical world reflected in the mirror undergoes changes, in particular, the physiological and psycho-emotional state of a person reflected in the mirror changes, even if he does not look directly into it.

This suggests that these superstitions are only echoes of knowledge about the power of mirrors and mirror systems that have come down to our days thanks to an intuitive sense of their rationality and practicality. Mirrors were used and are used to foresee the future and other parapsychological techniques, but without understanding the real processes in the system.

For many years, the "International Center for Research on Contacts with the Mirror World" has been operating under the direction of Joe Redcross, whose task is to study the properties of this other world and the "man-mirror" system.

In particular, Joe Redcross revealed the effect of resonance of a person with mirror reflection due to spiral-type energy flows, as well as “mirror memory” - the ability of a mirror to store information about all reflections for an unlimited time. This “memory", formed from the radiations of the subtle energies of all the events that have ever occurred, exists on Earth, but in the mirror world it has a completely different quality of density.

Mirror Universum is a translucent concave mirror with a special energy-reflecting coating and a directed directional structural form "Balance +". This is a multifunctional device for controlling (concentration or scattering) most of the known "thin" radiation.

The energy-reflective coating partially reflects, and due to its form, it concentrates or scatters practically all known radiation:
- electromagnetic
- infrared
- astronomical
- bio-radiation (including mental, emotional, etc. with a frequency above 10 Hz.)
- ion flows
and some others, which determines the versatility of the device.

Basic uses of the mirror:

1. Management of subjective time.
2. Strengthening its own impact / protection from external influences.
3. The collection of favorable flows and fields / protection from adverse flows and emissions.
4. The concentration (transfer) of properties on material objects
5. Development of the energy structure and alignment of the human biofield.

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