Fractals. Fibonacci sequence

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    Blu-ray disc with printed/written data. A file in binary format, which is a Fibonacci sequence, or rather a rabbit sequence.

The product is a Blu-ray disc with the data deposited/recorded on it. This is one file in binary format, which is a Fibonacci sequence, or rather a rabbit sequence.

It must be understood that structures in general and fractal in particular form / structure not only physical objects, space, but also situations. Accordingly, here is just a short list of product use:

  • Structuring crystals - solid / minerals: just place a disk / product with a fractal under / on / next to the crystal,
  • Water - place a disc / product with a fractal under / on / next to water.
  • Man - just keep the disc with you, or in the place where you spend a lot of time.
  • Animals, plants - all too: keep the disk as close as possible to the "operator".
  • Situations, intentions - fix and put on the fractal.
  • Harmonization of Space - it will be appropriate to note here that "layouts" of disks will certainly have greater efficiency. You take several disks and make the layout in a geometric sequence, like a triangle, rhombus, star, hexagon, flower of life, any sacred forms, etc.

In the general case, the structure leads to balance, which can lead to improvements in the following situations:

  • wellness plan
  • meditative practices
  • elaboration of situations
  • shaping intent
  • overall habitat improvement
  • sleep improvement
  • neutralization of pathogenic zones
  • harmonization of space, etc ...

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