Mind machine

Mind machines are designed:

- for self-knowledge and self-improvement,
- to improve memory and intellectual functions,
- enhance physical and mental performance,
- to enhance learning and creative opportunities,
- correction of psycho-emotional states,
- deep relaxation,
- normalization of sleep,
- safe achievement of altered states of consciousness,
- rehabilitation after severe physical and emotional stress,
- correction of psycho-physiological conditions in sports,
- leveling the effect of dysynchronosis when flying to another time zone.

NOT are! medical devices.

Therapeutic and restorative effects are manifested indirectly through the activation of the central nervous mechanisms that regulate the autonomic functions, mental and physical activity, emotions and behavior, i.e. through the increase in non-specific resistance of the organism.

The technology of audiovisual stimulation provides an incomparable opportunity to control the psycho-emotional state without medication, without the influence of extraneous attitudes and suggestions and without the formation of dependence.